tales by light


Credits: Cinematographer & Aerial Cinematographer

Produced by: Untitled Film Works & Canon Australia

Tales by Light is an Australian documentary series airing on National Geographic and Netflix worldwide. Tales By Light follows photographers from around the world as they push the limits of their craft to get the ultimate shot. Filmed entirely in 4K in over 15 countries with high production value and skeleton crew, DOP & directed by Abraham Joffe ACS.

Blake worked as a cinematographer on Seasons 1 to 3, an aerial cinematographer in season 2 and 3 and underwater cinematographer in season 3.

Tales By Light - Netflix          Tales By Light - National Geographic          Tales By Light - Canon Australia


Credits: B Camera Operator & Aerial Operator

Produced by: Crow Crow Productions, Dream Genie & Definition Films

The Merger is an Australian sports comedy feature film about a small town fighting to save the local football club. National cinema release in August 2018. Directed by Mark Grentell and DOP Tony Luu ACS

Blake worked as a camera operator and aerial operator on the film.

The Merger Film Trailer   The Merger Film - Website   The Merger Film - IMDB

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Credits: Co-Director and Cinematographer

Produced by: Untitled Film Works

‘Our Town’ celebrates the local bush characters who make the Australian outback what it is. The tourism promotional film is available on QANTAS in flight entertainment on all domestic and international flights.

Blake worked as a co director, cinematographer and aerial cinematographer on this film.

Our Town Media Release

Down Under From Above - great barrier reef

Credits: Cinematographer & Co-Director

Produced by: Untitled Film Works

Photographer Josh Smith has found his niche photographing Australian land from a new angle. He has set out on a new project to show Australia's reef from above to show the beauty in a new light. Filmed in 4K for Canon Australia online content. 

Canon Australia - The Great Barrier Reef with Josh Smith

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Credits: Cinematographer, Director & Editor

Produced by: Mighty Car Mods

Filmed to reveal a new car for the show, Mighty Car Mods has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube with the video nearing 1 million views. Shot in 4K on Red Epic Dragon, A7S ii and DJI Inspire 1. Produced by Mighty Car Mods

Mighty Car Mods - Moogs JDM Mini Cooper


Credits: Timelapse Cinematographer & Editor

Produced by: Untitled Film Works

Sydney's skyline comes to life once a year with Vivid Light Festival. Canon Australia hosts workshops and demonstrations to showcase their equipment and encourage people to enjoy taking photos during the festival of light. This video was created to engage audiences to see the festival and to come interact with Canons instalments. This was done by capturing motion timelapse using a motorised slider and hyperlapse to create an exciting look in to the festival. 

Canon Australia - Vivid Sydney 2017

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Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.58.15 pm.png

World Music Album Launch - Joseph Tawadros

Credits: Producer, Director & Cinematographer

Produced by: Blake Castle

The sage musicality of ARIA award winning Oud player and composer, Joseph Tawadros, is demonstrated at full strength on his latest album, World Music as he enlists an array of intriguing instruments from across the planet to create richly textured global landscapes. This video was created for the launch of the album and to engage audiences with the wide variety of instruments used within the recordings. Produced by Blake Castle. 

Blake was the sole producer for this project.

"World Music" Album Recording - Joseph Tawadros

Rural Australia with Josh Smith

Credits: Cinematographer & Co-Director

Produced by: Untitled Film Works

Aerial Rural Landscape Photographer, Josh Smith's mission is to tell the story of Australian farmers. Through his photography, he showcases the scale and beauty of what they do with our land. By turning his photographs in to fine art prints, Josh hopes to get the hard work of our Australian farmers recognised throughout the country.

Canon Australia - Rural Australia like you've never seen it before

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PilotFly H2-45 Promo

Credits: Cinematographer & Co-Director

Produced By: Blake Castle & Dom West

PilotFly's new H2-45 Gimbal allows users to get super stable footage without sacrificing viewing the screen. This video was created as promotional content to give a real life view to a use case for the PilotFly H2-45 gimbal.

PILOTFLY - H2-45 - The revolutionary 3 Axis Gimbal